YouTube Marketing Checklist

Youtube Marketing Checklist

Did you know that Youtube has more than 30 million viewers per day? Did you also know that more than 5 billion videos get watched on a single day? A recent poll concluded that an average of 8 out of ten adults(18-50) view something online per day.


That is pretty impressive for a channel that began back in the mid 90s. Chances are, you will also find various companies and startups with an account. Why?


That is due to the fact that they have turned it into a business. Look at the Youtube videos you see from your favorite artists. They have turned it into a business. Every hit and like adds to their bottom line.


The good news is you can turn your Youtube channel into a Youtube marketing solution too

The Whole Game Approach to Youtube Marketing

#1 ~ Find Your Rhythm

The first thing to do is know your niche. Most Youtubers do not just go on the channel and wing it. They know what kind of message they want to promote and who they are. That is key to defining your audience.


Not knowing your niche or audience is going to leave you lagging behind. How can you expect to sell your message if you are not speaking directly to those people?

#2 ~ Hit that Record button!

Engage your audience. That means speaking in monotone is not going to work. Speak to your online audience as if you were right there in front of them.


Speak to your audience as you would a family member or friend.


Offer tips and suggestions that will help them better their lives.

#3 ~ Bring it to life

Add some fun graphics to help illustrate your point. Do you notice how some of the most popular Youtubers have images to help make their points?


Remember the devil is in the details because even videos concentrate on SEO and Meta descriptions. You should also provide transcripts for your videos.

#4 ~ It’s All In the Details

Little details matter! If you want your videos to get shown to more people, make sure to optimize your videos for Search Engines. This means add keyword phrases to your video titles, and descriptions!

#5 ~ Keep It Real

Be true to who you are and your brand!


Youtube gives your audience an incredible experience to get to know YOU and your brand! Make sure they experience that.


Try to relax before filming and be open-minded to suggestions. Pretend you are speaking to a friend!

#6 ~ Use Your Platform

Your work is not done yet. You still have more to do. Part of the work also includes connecting your YouTube to other social channels.


When you use IG, FB or Twitter, make sure to keep it simple. Your channel on YouTube is where you can get specific about things. Your other channel is where you place information and images that can lead your viewers to something much larger.


When you post something on YouTube, encourage your viewers to go to your other social channels for some of the information. Do not forget to use meta descriptions to showcase your imagery and content.

#5 ~ Start Succeeding on Youtube

Take it slow. Remember you are taking a big step once you identify that you want to build your channel as a brand and business. That means it is not going to happen overnight.


Ask your viewers(no matter how large or small the audience is right now) for feedback. Ask them what they want to see. After all, you are doing it for them. Use that feedback to help your marketing efforts.


Every tree starts as a seed. Plant that seed, water the grass, and watch it grow.